Training & Certification

Training of NDT personnel requires

Training and certification of personnel have been standardized. According to these standards a person considered for certification in NDT shall have sufficient education and experience to ensure understanding of principles and procedures in each method.

Training of NDT personnel for industry requires

Why NDT is used in Industries?

NDT personnel have been categorized into three levels

ASNT Level I

A Certified ASNT Level I personnel is qualified to carry out the specific NDT test method


A Certified ASNT Level II personnel is qualified to test and analyze NDT testing as per relevant standards, codes, specifications


A Certified ASNT Level III personnel is qualified to enhance and manage the test system, he is capable create or develop new procedures or technique for testing a particular job.

NDT Training & Certification courses

Kalkars NDT Services training institute is conducting the following courses :


Why training at Kalkars NDT Services?

NDT Pre-Request

As per ASNT recommended practice SNT-TC-1A requires an internal company procedure that details how employees are trained, qualified and certified to perform NDT functions for the company. Certification is a written statement of qualification. Using employer-based programs such as SNT-TC-1A requires employer certification. NDT Certificates are valid for 5 years for all the NDT Level I, NDT Level II, NDT Level III. Examination in those NDT methods