Eligibility Criteria

Recommended Qualification and experience requirements as per ASNT recommended practice, SNT-TC-1A – 2006.

Recommended Minimum Qualification for studying the NDT Training is 10th standard and above, 12th, ITI, DIPLOMA, Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Science.

Eye fitness certificate from specified ophthalmologist to conform near vision acuity and color contrast discrimination as per ASNT recommended practice SNT-TC-1A.

Near-Vision Acuity

The examination should ensure natural or corrected near-distance acuity in at least one eye such that the applicant is capable of reading a minimum of Jaeger Number 2 or equivalent type and size letter at the distance designated on the chart but not less than 12 inches on a standard Jaeger test chart.

Color Contrast Differentiation

The examination should demonstrate the capability of distinguishing and differentiating contrast among colors or shades by the employer. This should be conducted upon initial certification and at five-year intervals thereafter. Eye fitness certificate signed by registered.